On april 5, BRS President K Chandrashekhar Rao, who began the "Polam Bata" state-wide trip on sunday, is probably going to visit the districts of Rajanna-Siricilla and Karimnagar. As part of his journey to assess the drought conditions prevalent in the State, he will evaluate the crops that have withered owing to inadequate water availability.

Chandrashekhar Rao met with distraught farmers who had lost their crops as a result of recent unseasonal rains and insufficient water availability for irrigation on sunday while visiting the districts of Jangaon, Suryapet, and Nalgonda. He gave them courage by promising to stand up for them and see to it that they received justice.

BRS president and leader of the opposition K Chandrashekhar Rao said that the congress administration was not keeping Mission Bhagiratha under regular observation, which was impacting the availability of drinking water to homes throughout the State. Smitha Sabharwal used to regularly check the supply when the BRS was in charge. However, such oversight was not being provided by the congress government. Furthermore, he stated that Mission Bhagiratha needs a high-quality power source, which this administration was regrettably not providing.

Inquiring as to what was wrong with the Mission Bhagiratha, which had garnered praise from all corners of the globe, he questioned how the situation could get so much worse in just three months when the system had been functioning properly for several years. The president of BRS further rejected the rationale offered by Congressmen for the inadequate water levels in the reservoirs, pointing out the low rainfall during the previous monsoon season.

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