Following the furor surrounding the Andhra election, other problems like as phone tapping in telangana received little attention. Samantha's phone was allegedly one of the phones that were bugged, and there have also been rumours that her "secret messages" were somehow delivered to her ex-husband naga Chaitanya, which led to their divorce.
Even poonam kaur expresses her thoughts and emotions on this issue. It is well known that samantha and poonam kaur have made contributions to the advancement of handloom textiles and the welfare of handloom laborers. Poonam Kaur went in first among them. However, samantha was appointed as a brand spokesperson for Telangana's handwoven fabrics, disregarding poonam kaur, who devoted her entire life to this endeavor.

Poonam Kaur, distraught, told her close friends that she now knew trivikram was involved in this.
She revealed that while her relationship with trivikram was positive, she had discussed with him several ideas she had developed to promote handwoven textiles in Telangana.
Poonam now regrets that trivikram handed samantha all of those concepts, mistaking them for his own.

Given that Poonam and pawan kalyan finally got into a fight, it seems plausible that trivikram planned to have samantha take Poonam's position to prevent her from becoming well-known in the state.
Poonam hinted that samantha was blessed by trivikram, which is how the placement came about.
Concerning the phone-tapping controversy, Poonam seemed to be upset at the silence surrounding Trivikram-Samantha's ties with KTR, given how harshly they had previously criticized her.

Poonam appears to be informing her close pals that she will speak up after the elections and won't be speaking till then. As is well known, poonam kaur has mentioned trivikram in several tweets.

According to the insider sources, Poonam is also making it very evident that Pawan is only Trivikram's puppet.

She claims that because of the manner trivikram held Pawan, both Pawan's ex-wife renu desai and herself suffered injustices.

She also acknowledged that the ycp wanted her to speak out against Pawan and nothing else, which is why she isn't publicly expressing herself in the media.

After the elections, she promises to come out and speak a few things from her heart.



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