Thalaivar 171, which stars Rajinikanth, has lokesh kanagaraj confirmed as the director. The film's release date is slated for april 22. With this highly anticipated partnership, Rajinikanth will work with one of the most sought-after filmmakers in tamil cinema. The pairing is promising, as kanagaraj is renowned for his powerful action plays with a muted palette.
 However, criticism has been levelled at newer works that focus on mafia and drug culture because they seem repetitious. It appears like kanagaraj was inspired to venture into uncharted area with a fresh screenplay in response to feedback on this problem. It is said that Rajinikanth's portrayal in Thalaivar 171 has negative undertones, signifying the actor's experimental endeavour. High-action action is promised in the movie.

Additionally, it is said that the tale would not be related to drugs this time, which suggests a change from Kanagaraj's earlier works. With the first-look poster hinting at a new genre for both the filmmaker and the renowned actor, Rajinikanth and lokesh Kanagaraj's partnership provides a thrilling promise. Recently, the surprisingly popular music video "Inimel" was published, and it has become one of the most talked-about subjects on social media. Renowned actress shruti haasan and in-demand filmmaker lokesh kanagaraj are featured in this video.

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