ap government issued guidelines for pension distribution..!?

The government has decided to distribute pensions in AP. The ap government has directed the officials to distribute the pensions from april 3 to april 6. In andhra pradesh, there is a war of criticism and accusations between the leaders of the ruling ycp and the opposition tdp on the topic of pension. ap cm YS Jagan, ap ministers, and ycp leaders are alleging that Chandrababu has blocked the distribution of pensions. However, the tdp and Jana Sena leaders are furious that the ycp government has no intention of giving pensions to the grandparents and is spreading bad propaganda against them. In this order, the state government has taken a key decision on the distribution of pensions in AP. Authorities have been issued instructions to complete the process of distribution of pensions in the state from april 3 to april 6.
Distribution of pensions to beneficiaries in 2 ways:
The government has decided to distribute pensions to grandparents and other beneficiaries from wednesday (April 3) across the state. Pensions will be distributed in two ways. Pension cash will be distributed to the disabled, elderly, critically ill, sick, and widows. The ap government has clarified that the pension beneficiaries of the other departments will be given pensions through the staff in the village and ward secretariats. Collectors have been directed to make special arrangements for tribals who come from distant places for pension.

The state government has identified that there are 1.27 lakh staff in village and ward secretariats across AP. Since it was election time and there were not enough government employees to distribute pensions, the government decided to distribute pensions in two ways. The government has made it clear in the order that village secretariats should provide services from 9 am to 7 pm. The government has ordered the officials to start the distribution of pensions on wednesday afternoon and complete this process by april 6.
The Central election commission has recently directed not to disburse pension cash with volunteers as the election Code is in force. Chief Electoral Officer of ap mukesh Kumar meena directed the government to take steps to prevent the volunteers from giving the pension money directly to the beneficiaries. He said that even during the election campaign, volunteers should not be fooled, and if anyone is found to be campaigning, action will be taken to remove them from their duties. Volunteers who participated in the campaign in violation of the ec Rules and the election Code are being fired from their duties. On the other hand, volunteers are resigning in some areas as they are being distanced from the distribution of pensions. The ycp leaders say that they are ready to resign and go door-to-door campaigning where they distributed pensions till last month.

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