Former chief minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao was the target of satirical remarks made by chief minister revanth reddy regarding his recent visit to several districts where farmers are suffering from the withering of crops. revanth reddy expressed his happiness that kcr was visiting farmers affected by the withering of crops, but he gave credit for that to the leaders of the congress party, saying that if kcr had not lost the elections, his daughter would not have been imprisoned, and he would not have given thought to the state's citizens.

He chastised kcr for linking the congress party to the present state of farmers' affairs. He said that kcr didn't understand the weather patterns, even though he had read 80,000 volumes. He emphasized that while congress took office in December, the height of winter, kcr was in power during the rainy season.

When congress took office in the winter, he wondered how anybody could hold them responsible for the current drought. He made the argument that the present drought was caused by the BRS regime's lack of rainfall during the monsoon season last year. He underlined that the congress party is actively trying to put an end to all of BRS's frauds and guarantee that the people of the state have better lives.

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