Rashmika Mandanna, a tollywood actress who has won hearts all throughout the country, took a break from her hectic schedule over the weekend to relax and enjoy some free time. rashmika, popularly known as the National Crush, is presently shooting her next Pan-Indian feature.

Rashmika decided to indulge herself in a fun night out in the middle of her busy schedule. She was seen on sunday night at mahesh babu and his wife Namrata Shirodkar's opulent restaurant, AN Palace Heights. The restaurant, which can be found in hyderabad at Banjara Hill Road No. 12, is well-known for its exquisite food and lavish atmosphere. rashmika wore a gorgeous yellow gown that emphasized her attractiveness as she stepped out of her elegant automobile and arrived at the event in style. Jhanvi Narang of the Asian Group was with her.

More about AN Palace Heights: it is a monument to the excellent taste and sense of luxury of mahesh babu and his wife Namrata Shirodhkar. The launch took place in march 2023.
It is immediately apparent that every effort has been made to create an ambiance befitting a king or queen. The restaurant evokes a sense of royalty and rajasthan with its majestic architecture, elaborate carvings, and opulent dining places, all influenced by the vast palaces of bygone eras. An air of grandeur is created by the handmade artwork adorning the walls and the opulent chandeliers lighting the expansive dining rooms.

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