The Aranmanai franchise is the most popular horror series in tamil movie history, and it is also well-liked by telugu viewers. The franchise is preparing for its fourth installment after the success of its previous three. The "Aranmanai 4" trailer was just released by the producers. But like its forerunners, the teaser points to a tried-and-true combination of antiquated humour and horror clichés that fall flat with viewers. The incredible glamour of tamannaah and Raashii Khanna seemed to be the only thing keeping them sane.

It's astonishing that the tamil audience hasn't grown weary of the franchise in spite of complaints about outmoded storyline, trite yogi babu gags, and subpar visual effects. The third movie in the series, which has drawn heavy criticism from reviewers, exposed the flaws in careless filmmaking. Nonetheless, filmmaker sundar c is bringing out the fourth movie, propelled by the previous three films' box office success.
A narrative involving the unexplained deaths of tamannaah, who plays Sundar C's sister, and Santhosh Pratap, who plays her husband, is hinted at in the trailer. He learns that a demon known as "Baak" has taken possession of their souls, which inspires him to set out on a quest to rescue them. The Assamese legend around the water monster "Baak," who is credited for impeding the growth of empires beyond the Brahmaputra River, served as the idea for the movie.

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