Ahead of the lok sabha Elections, right-wing Hindu groups are preparing to make sure that this year's sree ram Navami Shobha yatra, led by bjp mla raja Singh, is a major event in the city. It has been learned that their goal is to attract one lakh people to the yearly march.
Right-wing organisations are gearing ready to turn the gathering into a power demonstration, allegedly with the backing of bharatiya janata party (BJP) officials, including raja Singh. The nationwide sree ram Navami Shobha yatra has gotten contentious in recent years because of provocative and anti-minority remarks that frequently result in bloodshed. raja Singh himself made anti-Muslim remarks in hyderabad as well.

The Shri ram Navami Shobha yatra committee and bjp fiery Hindutva figure raja Singh lead the gathering in Hyderabad. Typically, the march begins at the Sitaram Bagh temple in Asifnagar and travels through the following places: Gowliguda, Koti, sultan Bazaar, Mangalhat, Dhoolpet, Jummerat Bazar, Bartaan Bazaar, Begum Bazar Chatri, Siddiamber Bazar, and Hanuman Vyamshala.

Raja Singh, Hindu groups to bring one lakh people for rally
According to reports, raja Singh and other Hindu organisations founded the Sri ram yuva Sena, which is working hard to ensure that the ram Navami event in hyderabad is a huge success. One lakh people are expected to take part in the Shobha yatra, according to the organisers.

This year's ram Navami rally in hyderabad is probably going to be a big event since martial arts performers will dazzle the crowd with their sword fighting and lathi drill abilities. ram Bhakts will travel from nearby Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and karnataka to take part in the Shobha Yatra. Soon, the major visitor will be revealed, according to an organiser.

Because of the current surge in popularity of the Shobha yatra across the nation, the organisers will not spare any detail. Every year, in tandem with the sree ram Navami Shobha yatra, new audio tracks are produced, and bjp leader raja Singh performs vocals. In addition, the hyderabad police are working hard to ensure that there is no disruption of law and order throughout the demonstration.
The rally begins at 1 pm and ends at 8 pm, covering a distance of approximately seven km. The organisers have also supplied shops that offer ornamental material, which is extensively utilised to saffronize the streets around Hyderabad. Following the opening of the ram temple in Ayodhya, this is the first Shobha Yatra.

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