The Nallari and Peddireddy families, who have been deeply involved in a political rivalry for almost forty years, are currently engaged in a major confrontation that is changing the political landscape in the chittoor area. Despite their long-standing cooperation inside the same party, they will have a unique chance to compete against one another in the general elections of 2024.

In addition to having similar political backgrounds, the Peddireddy and Nallari families, two well-known political dynasties in the same chittoor region, also have a long-standing hatred. Since members of both families are now running in the next elections, the competition has been more intense, generating discussion and political intrigue.

The conflict between Peddireddy mithun reddy, the sitting mp for the YSRCP, and Nallari kiran kumar reddy, the bjp candidate from rajampet Parliament, has come to symbolize the larger rivalry between the Nallari and Peddireddy groups. Additionally, as Kishore, the brother of former chief minister Kiran, is running as a tdp candidate from Peeleru Assembly, Peddireddy is planning to oppose politicians who support the Nallari family.
The political debate involving the Nallari and Peddireddy factions has been ever more contentious since they have become hostile toward one another. In particular, Peddireddy has identified the Nallari brothers as his main enemies and is rallying the troops to ensure their downfall. In the meanwhile, Peddireddy's followers have strong feelings of revenge for previous wrongdoings, especially to kiran kumar Reddy's period as chief minister and his purported involvement in jagan Mohan Reddy's imprisonment.
In an effort to ensure a decisive win, minister Peddireddy Ramachandra reddy is actively assisting his son mithun reddy in his campaign against kiran kumar Reddy. According to Peddireddy's camp, the election presents a chance for the public to exact revenge on kiran kumar reddy, whom they view as a political rival. Driven by personal grudges and political aspirations, the Nallari and Peddireddy families' electoral struggle has intensified into a high-stakes conflict. It's one of the most eagerly anticipated elections in the chittoor district as both parties are throwing everything on the line to win.



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