With the possible exception of rahul Gandhi, no other figure in indian politics may have endured as much vicious misinformation. With the aid of I-PAC, the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress started a significant campaign on social media and whatsapp referring to lokesh as "Pappu." tdp was unable to oppose the campaign at the time since they were so smug about it. Their propaganda was further aided by Lokesh's bulk and weak telugu speaking abilities. Even though lokesh was one of the nation's top-performing ministers, he suffered a lot from trolls, which also contributed to his first election loss.

Lokesh shaped himself after the elections, using insults as stepping stones to success. He lost weight and became a better public speaker. He is currently one of Andhra Politics' top speakers. In addition, he completed a more than 3,000-kilometer Padayatra. Chandrababu would have gone farther than any previous telugu politician had walked had it not been for his incarceration. In the meantime, the bjp provided lokesh with the greatest confirmation. The tamil Nadu bjp President annamalai is running for office, and the bjp invited lokesh to campaign from Coimbatore. telugu people are well-represented in Coimbatore.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed in 2019 that Chandrababu's government was simply serving his son following the tdp and BJP's split. One of the top orators in the nation right now is Annamalai. For him, the bjp and annamalai need a Nara Lokesh. Having lost his first election ever, lokesh is now assisting the bjp, which has become a voting machine, in gaining a seat. This shows what lokesh has accomplished during the past five years.

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