Elon Musk will shortly be traveling to india to meet with prime minister Narendra Modi. Without providing a date, Musk himself said that on X. india reduced import duties on electric cars (EVs) last month for foreign automakers that pledged to invest $500 million (£399 million) and begin local manufacture in three years. tesla will make investments in india following the transfer. Elon Musk stated in 2021 that the company was not able to introduce its vehicles in the largest and fastest-growing economy in the world due to the hefty import taxes in India. The meeting is probably going to take place before the end of this month, according to business Circles.

Naturally, states like Telangana, tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat, and maharashtra would do everything in their power to persuade Musk to open the factory there. andhra pradesh will proceed extremely slowly, just like it has with every major investment during the last five years. If Musk chooses to make a significant investment, this landmark deal will put the state on the map and open the door for more significant ones.

The best opportunity for andhra pradesh would be to remove jagan Mohan reddy from office during the state's May election. With just june to go before taking office, the next administration won't have much time to be ready. However, Chandrababu Naidu's history of courting major corporations, such as microsoft and kia motors, would undoubtedly be helpful. Regrettably, jagan Mohan Reddy's reputation as an anti-business figure stems from actions such as terminating PPAs, alarming investors with Reverse Tendering, and his MPs publicly threatening kia motors personnel.
 It may serve as a reminder to our readers that kia motors, which was founded under Chandrababu Naidu's direction, is currently the largest FDA in India. The largest accomplishment since the split will occur if tesla decides to establish a presence in Andhra Pradesh. A manufacturing sector would also generate a huge number of employment in the region.


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