The bharatiya janata party, according to telangana cabinet minister Komatireddy Venkatreddy, is attempting to incite conflicts based on caste and religion. He also took issue with the telangana Congress Party's internal strife, as reported by the BJP. He claimed that by claiming that there are ten "Eknath Shindes" in the telangana Congress who are attempting to overthrow revanth reddy, bjp leaders are attempting to damage the reputation of the Congress. revanth would remain the state's chief minister for the next ten years, according to Komatireddy, who also denounced these remarks.

The same Komatireddy, according to internet users, was a candidate for chief minister before to the assembly elections. They think it funny that he's saying these things now. Perhaps revanth reddy has at last grasped the politics of the Congress. He cautioned bjp mla Maheshwar reddy and BRS mla Harish Rao to control their tongues and refrain from making any rash remarks. In addition, he predicted that BRS will not gain any seats in the next lok sabha elections.

This plan was brought before the central committee by party state affairs head Deepadas Munshi and chief minister revanth Reddy. This might be the cause of the hold-up in declaring Rajender Rao's candidature. Rudra Santhoshkumar, however, has expressed apprehensions over the distribution of tickets to non-residents, contending that it may jeopardise the party's chances in the elections.

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