Kattepogu Basavarao, a close aide to andhra pradesh Chief minister jagan mohan reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ys jagan mohan reddy and a former member of the sc panel, joined the telugu desam party today. In the presence of nara lokesh, the general secretary of the party, Basavarao joined TDP. A few additional ycp leaders and members have joined tdp in addition to Basavarao. Kuragaklu village in the Rural mangalagiri Mandal is where Basavarao is originally from. In the past, he supported jagan by going on a padayatra that covered more than 2000 miles from idupulapaya to Vishakapatnam.

Basavarao quit the ycp because he was tired of Jagan's leadership and his policies. According to his opinion, Chandrababu is the only state leader who actively promotes the rights of Dalits. In the meantime, nara lokesh said that jagan fired over 188 Dalits and terminated 27 Dalit assistance programs. He welcomed Basavarao into the party and pledged that Dalits would have a better future under tdp governance.
 Andhra Pradesh Chief minister YS jagan Mohan Reddy’s close aide and former sc commission member Kattepogu Basavarao joined the telugu desam party today. Basavarao joined tdp in the presence of the party’s General Secretary Nara Lokesh. Along with Basavarao, a few other ycp leaders and members have also joined TDP. Basavarao hails from Kuragaklu village of the Rural mangalagiri Mandal. In the past, he did a padayatra from idupulapaya to Vishakapatnam, spanning over 2000 km, in support of Jagan.

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