The actress, samantha Ruth Prabhu, of Telugu, posted a heartfelt video on thursday that she tagged her closest friends in. The video, which American author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek discussed in the video, is about "the 8 minutes theory" and how it can help someone who is "struggling." 

Explaining the theory in the video, Sinek recalls, “I have a dear, dear friend who is going through a very hard time, my friend Maria. I went to her house for dinner and she was telling me about this awful time she went through. And I wanted to be sympathetic but at the same time I was really pissed off that she didn’t call me. And I was like, ‘What the hell? I’m here, I love you, I support you. You’re always there for me. Why wouldn’t you let me there for you? How selfish are you?’ She says to me, ‘I did reach out to you a number of times.’

And I look at my phone, like the text, where she goes, ‘Want to come over?’ I’m like, ‘How the hell do I know that it’s a cry for help versus every other time you ask me over which sounds exactly the same?’ So she read an article that said when somebody’s struggling all they need is 8 minutes of help or support from a friend to get them back on track. So we came up with a code. We write to each other, ‘Do you have 8 minutes?’ It means I need you. And anybody can step out of their meeting for 8 minutes to be there for a friend.”

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