A war in Bheemli..!? Who will win..!?

A war takes place between Srinu in Bheemili. Both of them are politically undefeated. Both of them entered the Bhimili ring in search of victory. One of them is former minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao and the other former minister is Avanti Srinivasa Rao. Both the Srinu have many similarities not only in name but also in politics. Also served as mla from Bhimili. Both like Bhimili more. Both have never been defeated. Now we don't know who will win in Bhimili, but one is sure to get defeated. Who is the hero of the defeat is also a serious debate in both parties now. Ganta came into the ring as a big shot. He is sharpening his tactics more than going to the people. He is busy bringing the leaders of ycp into tdp, but ycp is not able to make that effort. There are more villages in Bhimunipatnam. Hence ycp schemes went well in those villages.
That is what is troubling the tdp now. Not only that, women's voting is high here. Also, BCs and SCs are more after Kapus. It is said that the vote bank is a complete turn for ycp but it is very difficult for TDP. Every election is different. They say that tdp will not be able to win this time like 2014. There is no need to talk about the discontent among the tdp Janasena. They are like water under the rug. As long as the top leaders meet, they do not want to meet. It is known that ycp leader Avanti Srinivasa Rao will be in the crowd. But he still needs to increase his aggression. Because ycp is faltering in formulating every strategy after waiting an hour. Thus the fight between ycp and tdp is very interesting. This time the horoscope of these two Srinu will be decided by Bhimili. Bhimili gives the two Srinu a judgment that will be remembered forever in Bhimili politics.

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