Telangana, which is having trouble meeting its needs for drinking water in the sweltering heat, is going to karnataka to ask for the water flow from the Narayanpur dam across the krishna river. chief minister A. revanth reddy requested on friday that authorities confer with the karnataka government over the release of water from the Narayanpur reservoir to meet drinking water demands, since there is now no water available in the krishna basin.

After reviewing the state's drinking water status, the chief minister gave the officials the go-ahead to take preventative steps so that there would be no drinking water issues in any of the cities and villages. Given the intense heat, he issued a warning that the next two months will be very important.
He noted that while there is more drinking water being given than there was a year ago, it is still insufficient to fulfil everyone's needs.
The current state of affairs can be attributed to the declining amount of groundwater.
The chief minister ordered the officials to prepare with backup plans even in the event that demand rises more and the hyderabad water supply is not disrupted.

Water will be moved from nagarjuna sagar dead storage to hyderabad if necessary, so make the necessary preparations right once.
Additionally, plans will be made to provide the city with Singur water. The officials were instructed to swiftly address any concerns and keep a close eye on the uninterrupted supply of drinking water.
Every day, the Chief Secretary will convene a review meeting with the top authorities from the Mission Bhagiratha, Municipal, Irrigation, and Energy Departments to discuss the drinking water supply. The merged districts' special drinking water supply officers have been instructed to visit the locations where there are drinking water issues, take action to address the issue, and report the issue to higher-ups.

The acquisition of paddy was also examined by the Chief Minister. He instructed officials to take tough measures against the millers who defrauded farmers and threatened those who purchased paddy from the farmers at reduced prices.
The millers and dealers that purchase paddy in the agricultural market yards at discounted rates risk having their trading licences revoked and being placed on a blacklist.
The conference was also attended by Ministers of Information and Public Relations P srinivas Reddy and Civil Supplies N. Uttam Kumar Reddy.

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