Poonam Kaur: Strong counter to ycp leader..!!

Tollywood hero Janasena party chief Pawan Kalyan's name is often countered by heroine Poonam Kaur. Especially Pawan Kalyan's most frequent news is that he is not a man of his word. He is sold for money. Three marriages. Now everyone is surprised by the fact that a ycp leader has given a counter in the matter of three marriages. Actually, there is no clarity on the fact that something happened between poonam kaur, Pawan Kalyan, and Trivikram. But many campaigns are still being heard on this matter. poonam kaur has also mentioned Pawan and Trivikram's names on many occasions. But now this cutie is surprising everyone with an interesting tweet. A ycp leader is acting as if she is a target. If we go to the actual matter, an nri ycp leader named pradeep Reddy Chinta has been active on social media for some time now.
Recently, how he disguised himself as a test company owner and tagged him on social media saying that the one he uses is not Tesla. To this extent, the andhra pradesh government has also shared the news of inviting tesla company. But now Poonam is re-tweeting the same tweet and he has also been married three times. However, she countered the ycp leader saying that it doesn't matter. Everyone is surprised as Poonam, who used to counter pawan kalyan in the past, is now countering the ycp leaders.

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