AP: The case that is shaking thota Trimurthulu..!?

Currently, elections are going on in the state of Andhra Pradesh. All the candidates for 25 parliamentary seats in 175 assembly constituencies are already immersed in the campaign. All the parties have mostly allocated their respective candidates. As a result, candidates everywhere are doing many things to please the voters. At this moment, a new tension started for YSP candidate thota Trimurthulu. He is contesting as the ycp mla candidate for the Mandapet constituency. At a time when the campaign is going smoothly, the court case is disturbing.
  Let's see the details of that case, will it have any effect on his election? At that time, the beheading of Dalit youths created a sensation in the entire state of Andhra Pradesh. A case has also been filed on this. In december 1996, in Venkatayapalem of ramachandrapuram mandal, Dalit youths were harassed and two were beheaded. Not only has this incident become a hot topic of discussion, but cases have also been registered. The police have identified ten people as accused and declared mla and current ycp candidate thota Trimurtula as the main accused.
   He is currently running as a ycp mla candidate in mandapeta constituency. This case came out at this time. The final verdict should be on april 12. But it was postponed once again. It seems that this case has been adjourned 146 times so far. All the victims have been waiting for justice for 28 years. Apart from that, the victims have been agitating that the judgment of the case should be issued quickly so that the thota trio should be punished. Political analysts say that there is a possibility of some effect on the Trinity as this issue comes out during the elections.

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