The list of Janasena's top election campaigners was made public earlier this week. In addition to Nagababu, a prominent figure in the party, other celebrities named as star campaigners include cricketer Ambati Rayudu, comedian Hyper Aadhi, actor Getup Sreenu, 30-year-old celebrity Prithvi, tv serial actor Sagar, and choreographer Jaani Master. people have been making fun of janasena for having lesser-known names as well-known activists ever since the list was made public.

It should be mentioned that none of the twelve superstars from the Mega family, which started with chiranjeevi, would be running for office in the telugu cinema industry. Although they might have aided the party and had a fair amount of popularity, the majority of them chose to abstain. Actors with enormous fan bases include ram charan and Allu Arjun. Even though celebrities like varun Tej and sai dharam tej had previously declared they would be running for the party, nothing of that kind has transpired.
We are unsure if they declined to run for office or if pawan kalyan did not inquire, but they appear to be keeping away. Five crore rupees were contributed to the celebration by megastar Chiranjeevi. Though there won't be any direct engagement, it should be interpreted as an indirect means of supporting Janasena. jagan Mohan reddy is well-known for his politics of vendetta. He has previously caused so much difficulty for Pawan Kalyan's films. Thus, it seems that they are not inclined to take danger by endorsing Pawan Kalyan.

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