Stone Attack on cm jagan in Vijayawada..!? Severe Injury..!?

Unidentified people pelted stones on ap CM's forehead. As a result, he suffered a severe injury on the upper part of his left eye. The staff who opened immediately gave him first aid. andhra pradesh cm YS jagan An unexpected incident took place during his bus trip in Vijayawada. Some hooligans attacked him with stones in the Singh nagar area. Immediately he was overwhelmed with pain. He immediately got off the bus and got first aid. The doctors revealed that the stone injury was severe on the forehead. Besides.. it seems that there is a possibility of stitches. It is reported that the doctors advised to take a break and rest before the bus journey. Meanwhile, the ranks of the ycp say that there are many doubts about the incident of the attack on cm YS Jagan.
There was no electricity supply in the area where the attack occurred, and there were buildings on one side and houses on the other. police believe that the stone came from the school building. Currently, the police who have reached the scene are sifting through the CCTV footage. YSRCP leader Parnani said that the tdp factions attacked cm jagan with stones because of the people's support. In the same incident, minister Vellampalli was also seriously injured. Meanwhile, cm jagan is visiting vijayawada today as part of the bus yatra we have all prepared. While he was cheering on a bus in vijayawada Singh nagar, suddenly some hooligans threw stones at him. At once it hit cm Jagan's left eye hard. Immediately he could not control the pain and held it with his hand. Another stone seems to have hit Vellampalli next to him.
Immediately the security staff took cm jagan inside the bus and provided treatment. It is learned that cm Jagan's bus trip has been going on for four hours. ycp leaders say that as long as there is God's cool blessing and the people's blessings, no matter how many conspiracies are done by cm Jagan. Similarly, YSRCP leaders are saying that once again YSRCP is sure to win with a huge majority.

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