TDP National General Secretary nara lokesh has recently been interacting with the people and is seen more in mangalagiri constituency. But the latest news is that nara lokesh is ready for election campaign in tamil Nadu. There are reports that they are going to campaign on behalf of the bjp party in tamil Nadu.. In Andhra Pradesh, tdp is going to contest with nda alliance. In 2019, she came out from nda again and contested and lost.

With this, tdp Janasena joined hands with nda to win again this time. But it seems that tdp party is ready to campaign in other states in favor of NDA. Especially the bjp party in tamil Nadu does not have much strength there. But after annamalai took over as the state bjp president, the bjp gained some strength. That is why it seems that bjp is going to make a master plan this time.

This time the bjp government hopes to win as many seats as possible in the lok sabha elections. That is why bjp is making strategies accordingly to win at least 20 to 30 seats in tamil Nadu which has 39 lok sabha seats. It seems that the bjp party is ready to promote nara lokesh to attract the telugu voters in tamil Nadu. It seems that because of the large number of telugu people in Coimbatore, nara lokesh is planning to join the bjp if he organizes road shows there. And it remains to be seen whether nara lokesh will make an entry in tamil Nadu.

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