Minister Roja once again came to nagari ring. Oovvillur is looking to win for the third time in a row. She entered the assembly battle here earlier by contesting on behalf of TDP. For the first time they were defeated. After that, he once again contested from tdp and lost for the second time. After that, in 2014, Roja joined ycp from tdp, contested again in nagari, and won in the third attempt. But she won with only 700 votes.

And in 2019, it is known that Jagan's wave came all over the state. But in all the waves, Roja won with a narrow margin of just 2,000 votes. And now Roja hopes to score a hat-trick from ycp for the third time as a minister. Although jagan thought that Roja would get a ministerial post, she did not get the post due to social class equations. But as part of the purge, Roja got the post of minister.

But.. after becoming a minister, Roja's wealth has increased greatly.. She, her brothers and her husband have been criticized for corruption. In addition to this, there is an argument that even Roja minister has not done much for the development of nagari constituency. This time the leaders of the city from their own party went to the cm jagan and shouted loudly not to give ticket to Roja. Chakrapani Reddy, Idiga Corporation Chairman Shantha couple and representatives of majority of local organizations also raised their voice that Roja should not be given ticket again.

CM jagan has again allotted ticket to Roja. On the other hand, the Gali family once again stood in the ring as Rosa's opponent. Roja previously won against Gali Muddukrishna Naidu and his son Gali Bhanuprakash Naidu. Once again now Gali Bhanuprakash is entering the ring as a rival to Roja. It looks like sympathy may now work on the Gali family in Nagari. Besides this, it is said that minister Peddireddy tried to defeat Roja in the last election itself. Such an attempt can be made once again. However, analysts say that Roja will have a tough time in nagari this time.

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