Kalvakuntla Kavitha, a BRS MLC, was allegedly involved in the delhi Liquor Scam case, which led to her being taken into cbi custody yesterday. The Rouse Avenue court gave cbi permission to detain kavitha for a period of three days. BRS Working President Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao, Kavitha's brother, will see her at Dlehi tomorrow. He is going to pay kavitha a visit to the cbi office in Delhi.
During Kavitha's jail sentence, ktr is meeting her for the second time. Recently, even her mother got to meet Kavitha. However, kcr, the head of BRS and Kavitha's father, has not yet met her. He didn't pay her a visit in jail or discuss her detention in public. Doubts are now being expressed by the public and BRS leaders over KCR's silence regarding Kavitha's arrest and his unwillingness to see her.

Perhaps kcr doesn't want to ruin his reputation by talking about it or going to jail. However, kavitha is entitled to receive comfort from her father at this trying time. At the very least, in the upcoming days, we need to see if kcr discusses the matter. We need to wait and watch!

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