With the rush of elections in the state, the leader of the ruling party, cm Jaganmohan Reddy, announced his party's candidates and started campaigning. As part of the campaign, he started a 21-day bus yatra under the name "Memanta Saariyan". An unknown person attacked with a stone..This attack happened when people were being greeted. The fastest stone hit Jagan's upper eyebrow. 

As a result, he got injured on the left eye brow. Doctors immediately gave first aid to Jagan. After that, jagan greeted the people and moved forward. However, ap congress president YS sharmila reacted to the attack on her brother, ap cm jagan Mohan Reddy. She said that it is sad and unfortunate that cm jagan was attacked and injured above his left eye as part of the election campaign today. She said that we think it was an accident.

She said that if someone had done it intentionally then everyone should definitely condemn such an incident. YS sharmila stated that there is no place for violence in democracy and all democratic activists should condemn violence. She posted on X that she is praying to god for the speedy recovery of brother Jagan. Meanwhile, ycp leaders and BRS leaders in telangana strongly condemned the stone attack on ap cm Jagan.

They said no. minister Ambati Rambabu, Vellampalli Srinivas, minister Karumuri nageswara rao and Chelloboina Venugopalakrishna have accused the tdp leaders of pelting stones on jagan out of fear of not being able to deal democratically. They claim that they are doing such crazy things because of the fear of defeat in the elections. He said that the police will investigate the matter and strict action will be taken against those responsible.

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