Malayalees welcome Vishu; huge crowd in Guruvayur...

These days, Vishu revives recollections of wealth and agricultural success. Around the world, Malayalees celebrate Vishu by getting everything ready to make the scene look beautiful and lending a helping hand. Every equinox serves as a symbol of the promise for brighter times ahead and a recall of a time when agriculture was prosperous.

In front of the overflowing chandelier are golden marigolds. fruits and cucumbers serve as a symbol of Oturuli's agrarian success. This image of wealth endures for a full year. It's a handout once everyone has watched the scene. It is also a blessing bestowed by the family's elders. Next, a meal fit for the region. Other festivities include lighting flowers and setting out firecrackers. The sun moves from Pisces into Aries at this moment. Keralan farmers also use the month of Vishu to get ready for the upcoming crop year.

Devotees from all over the world assemble in Guruvayur to meet Kannan at Vishupulari. The hours for Vishukani darshan were 2.42 am to 3.42 am. Next, Guruvayoorappan was initially displayed by Shanti Pallissery Madhusudhanan Namboothiri upon his arrival in Srilaka. Then the devotees were allowed entry to Srilaka. Additionally, the namaskar mandapam was ready. Everyone in line will receive prasada when the roadway closes following Ucha Puja.

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