The kidnapping and sexual assault of well-known malayalam actress bhavana was one such case that shook the malayalam film industry in 2017. Dileep, another well-known actor, was implicated in the ensuing case, which is still pending. The memory card, which is purported to contain the attack's images, is the main piece of evidence in the case.

Bhavana recently petitioned the high court for a special inquiry into the suspected unauthorized use of the memory card while it was in the custody of the court. According to the most recent update, the actress sent a message on social media, stating that she finds it frightening that her privacy isn't protected by the court right now and that the unauthorized access is startling.

She stated that every individual has the inherent right to privacy. bhavana went on to say that the memory card's hash value, which included visual proof, had been changed many times, therefore depriving her of her fundamental right as a citizen. The actress said, "And it is very scary to know that my privacy is not safe in this court right now." The victims who depend on the court are the ones who are weakened when such an error happens on its end. However, and this is quite depressing, the predators will be allowed to move around with dignity.

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