Minister Karumuri is definitely on the list to lose in Tanuku...!?

 - Civil Supplies minister Karumuri is on the road to defeat in Tanuku..?
- Propaganda saying that the minister is deeply involved in corruption..?
- Full craze among people for Arimilli who ruled for 5 years with a clean image.

Karumuri nageswara rao was the minister for Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs in the jagan government. He represented the assembly from tanuku in west godavari district. In 2009, he won as an mla from tanuku by a narrow margin, but in 2014 he lost from ycp in Denduluru, but in 2019 he won again from tanuku with a narrow margin. Even though there is so much jagan Prabhan, the majority of Karumuri is less than 1000. After Karumuri won two times here, Prajarajyam in 2009. janasena helped a lot in 2019. prajarajyam party got 43 thousand votes. Then Karumuri got out with less than a thousand votes. In 2019, the Jana Sena got more than 32,000 votes and won again with the same small majority. Although he was an mla for the first three years, then he became a minister during the purge.
After Karumuri became the minister, the criticism that he had unleashed corruption in the constituency became intense. There are criticisms that crores of rupees have been collected from those who make real estate ventures, even if they want to construct any building within the municipality, even if they want to set up large educational institutions along with big projects in the constituency. Even if Karumuri was involved in these collections, all the names went on Karumuri.

And in the latest elections, he is completely against the odds. The ycp says that if the votes are split due to the Janasena-BJP alliance, it will be difficult for Karumuri. Apart from this, Karumuri's son sunil is contesting as eluru MP. As he is away from tanuku, Karumuri has to campaign alone. tdp candidate Arimilli radhakrishna has a name of gentleness by nature. During his five years as an mla, he did a lot of development work in Tanuku. Moreover, he ruled well without any stains or spots on him. Even though Vidavida Ramachandra Rao was expecting this seat from janasena, Pawan, and Babu thought it was given to Radha, it seems that the level of popularity Radha has here. However, this time the situation of minister Karumuri in tanuku is not good at all. Moreover, in the ycp circles, there is no hope for Tanuku's seat. They say that the only thing to be seen on june 4 is how much margin Karumuri will lose. If the sun rises in the east, it should be considered a miracle if Karumuri wins in Tanuku.

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