The campaign for assembly Lok Sabha elections in andhra pradesh state is intensifying day by day. All the parties are jumping into the story. Due to this, the politicians are using the necessary weapons as part of their campaign programs.. As the polling deadline is nearing, the surveys are gaining momentum in andhra pradesh once again.. All the surveys at the national level of the state are also reporting their surveys on the ap elections.

Starting from the release of the first list of candidates, the campaign programs.. Seeing the popularity they are getting, the surveys are also telling about the candidates' victory.. So far, most of the surveys are leaning towards the ruling party YCP. Now recently phone Strategy Group survey has also conducted a latest survey on andhra pradesh politics. This survey was conducted from march 16 to april 10 of the year and the survey was released with the opinion of approximately 1,48,532 voters.

According to this survey, the ycp party will come to power in Andhra again. It will also win 120 to 130 assembly seats. It has been informed that it will win 19 to 21 seats in the Lok Sabha. As part of the tdp, janasena and bjp alliance, 45 to 55 seats will be secured. Also, when it comes to the Lok Sabha, the survey has informed that there will be 4 to 6 seats.. But the percentage of votes for the ycp party will be 50 to 52%.. 48% of the men are on the side of the YCP. 55% are women.

The tdp party will have 46%. He said that 47% of men and 40% of women will vote for the alliance. Among others, 0.5 percent people have informed that they are likely to vote. It seems that the numbers have changed according to the latest survey after the stone attack on Jagan.

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