Renowned actor siddharth, who is renowned for speaking candidly on relevant topics, recently addressed the conversation surrounding the discourse about "Chithha," his 2023 film, at a public event. To make his argument, he subtly made fun of Ranbir Kapoor's "Animal" in his remarks. "No woman has ever approached me or Arun ('Chithha' director) and expressed discomfort with the film," siddharth said at the JFW event. 

But a lot of males have admitted that they don't want to see it because they find it too scary. Interestingly, they support pictures like Animal yet think my movie is too scary. Not only is it disturbing, but it also reflects remorse and humiliation. The constant criticism of "Animal" in tamil discourse is getting monotonous and tedious. siddharth may be correct, but it doesn't help to bring up the word "Animal." 

Tamil people could feel resentful and uncomfortable since telugu filmmaker sandeep Reddy Vanga directed the highly successful pan-Indian film "Animal." It would be wiser for them to support tamil movies and avoid sandeep Reddy Vanga and his Animal rather than obsessing about "Animal."

Siddharth found himself in controversy when he replied to Saina’s post on PM narendra Modi’s security lapse incident. He was called a misogynist for the use of the word ‘cock’ in his post. However, he later clarified that he was making the use of idiom – ‘cock and bull’.


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