In her unwavering pursuit of justice, YS Sunitha is honouring her father vivekananda reddy, who was brutally killed by their own family members. In addition to pursuing legal action, she is holding news conferences and participating in Sharmila's election campaign in an effort to unseat avinash Reddy, the main conspirator in the case. Sunitha organised a press conference today, when she provided a PowerPoint outlining the relationship between the killers and the phone conversations that transpired on that tragic day. Sunitha answered questions from the media following her presentation.

Every news conference of this kind is attended by a sakshi reporter, who makes it a point to badger Sunitha with inquiries. When he speaks to Sunitha, even the tone of his speech is careless and impolite. The reporter today questioned why Sunitha is just focusing on sakshi while heart attack news was broadcast on other networks initially.
This is as a result of sakshi immediately learning about the death. Sakshi's owner received real-time information. sakshi did not make the correction, although other channels did so fast. shankar Reddy called Sakshi's kadapa reporter balakrishna at about 6:24 AM that day. What had sakshi been told by those present in the room? Sunitha said, "Why did sakshi telecast the incorrect news?" Despite the fact that kadapa is a divided area and vivekananda reddy is a powerful figure, the reporter did not give up and attempted to hide the truth by speculating that it may be an intentional endeavour to maintain peace and order.

"I apologise. Do you think what you're saying makes sense? Attempting to deceive is illegal. The cops are being threatened in this instance. The crime scene was cleared after threats against the Circle Inspector. It's obvious what the motivation is," she remarked.

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