It is known that a petition was recently filed regarding cancellation of anticipatory bail of YS avinash Reddy. But recently the arguments on this petition have ended. YS avinash Reddy has filed a suit in telangana high court seeking cancellation of anticipatory bail. The petition was filed by Dastagiri, an accused in the Vivekananda murder case. Dastagiri complained to the cbi that avinash Reddy was using his power to force her to give false testimony. He also alleged that Avinash's followers were attacking his family members.

Advocate Jada shravan Kumar argued the petition. He wanted the court to cancel the cancellation of anticipatory bail granted by the telangana High Court. avinash Reddy was also accused of threatening the victims with the help of his elder brother Jagan. He also opined that if avinash Reddy is granted bail, justice will not be served to the victims.

The lawyer also made sensational allegations that the police officers of the government jail were all conniving to tamper with the evidence. It was also argued that if the grant of bail is not revoked immediately, justice will never be served to the victims. cbi was told that there was enough evidence to say that there was an attempt to change the evidence. The cbi has also sought cancellation of Avinash's bail. After hearing all the arguments, the high court reserved its verdict. This is where Avinash's future lies.

Meanwhile, the YS Vivekananda murder case is never going away. who killed Why did you kill? Officials have been trying to find quick answers to the questions but so far there has not been much progress. In the end, we have to see who will be found guilty in this case. Leaders of all parties and people are also showing great interest in this case.

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