With elections scheduled for May in andhra pradesh and telangana, the survey season has arrived in the telugu states. A recent survey study has become very popular on media platforms in this context. The aforementioned study was conducted by the well-known ABP-CVoter, and their predictions for andhra pradesh are as follows. 

The ABP-CVoter poll study predicts that the TDP-NDA combination would win up to 20 mp seats, giving them control over the state of Andhra Pradesh. This implies that the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress would lose its 22 mp seats and gain only 5 mp seats in andhra pradesh, giving the coalition 75% of the mp seats.

In such a massive one-sided trend, it would only be a formality for the alliance to form the government in Andhra Pradesh.

Coming to the telangana trend,

ABP – C-Voter – Telangana

Congress: 10 (42%)
BJP: 5 (26%)
BRS: 1 (27%)
MIM: 1 (2%)
Others: 0 (3%)

These are concerning indications for the BRS government since limiting the party to one mp seat following a stunning loss in the most recent assembly elections would be disastrous for the organisation. This will strengthen the argument put out by the congress and bjp already that Telangana's BRS is experiencing an existential crisis.

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