- All the three leaders in the warangal Parliament circle are related to BRS..!
- Former BRS minister Kadyam's daughter Kavya is from Congress
- Yesterday's BRS mla Ramesh is a bjp candidate
- Hanmakonda ZP Chairman Sudhir as BRS candidate

There are only three BRS leaders in warangal Parliament, which is the battleground of the revolution. All three major political parties have announced their candidates. But it is special here that three of them are from BRS background. One is a telangana activist, the other is a contractor-turned-political leader and the another is a person who learned political skills from his father. Another thing is that two of them are doctors by nature, one is a highly educated person and the rest are knowledgable. 

It is noteworthy that the three are Madiga social class leaders. Let's take a look at the BRS leaders who stood in warangal Bari. Dr. Kadyam Kavya who is contesting as an mp candidate from the ruling congress party. Kavya is the daughter of Bhishmu Kadiam Srihari, a politician with extensive political experience who has worked as a minister in Swirgiya Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao and Nara Chandrababu Naidu's cabinet in andhra pradesh and as deputy cm and education minister after the formation of Atu Pimmati Telangana.

Having studied as a doctor, working as a doctor in a government hospital, doing voluntary work in the name of Kadiam Foundation for the last ten years, he stood in the election ring with the determination to serve politically. Earlier, former telangana chief minister KCR Kadyam Kavya was announced as BRS candidate in warangal constituency. But in the background of changing political situation day by day, Kadiam srihari left BRS and joined Congress. Kavya also followed in her father's footsteps, gave up her BRS ticket and joined the congress party with her father.

Immediately after joining the congress, Adhisthanam announced himself as the congress candidate. Aruri Ramesh, who has won the Wardannapet mla from trs twice, is a candidate of bjp after joining BJP. After Kadiam Kavya, who was expected to be the candidate of BRS, said goodbye to BRS. BRS Hanmakonda ZP Chairman Dr. Marepalli Sudhirkumar, who was in disarray, was announced as the candidate. Political observers are of the opinion that these three BRS leaders are going to be in a tough political battle.

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