Chandrababu's Minus points became a plus for Jagan..!?

The question of which party will come to power in ap in the 2024 elections is confusing the people of the state. In the recent results of the Atmasakshi survey, it has been revealed that the ycp will win 97 seats, the alliance will get favorable results in 54 seats and the remaining 24 seats will be contested. Out of those 24 seats, it was revealed that the alliance had an edge in only 8 seats. On the other hand, in the ABP voter survey, it seems that there is a chance of the alliance coming to power in ap with 130+ seats, ycp has no chance of winning this election. It is noteworthy that fear is evident in Babu's words while speaking in public meetings.
 He is worried about the situation of tdp if the alliance does not come to power in this election. He also has the feeling that if he loses even if he has an alliance with the three parties, he will become a coward among the people. Even the tdp leaders who thought that the alliance would come to power with Babu's intelligence are now of the opinion that Babu's dice are not falling. If the alliance with the bjp did some damage to the tdp, the mistakes made in the announcement of the candidates caused serious damage to the party. In many areas, Babu has made a mistake by giving tickets to candidates instead of in-charges. There is no need to be surprised if the tdp leaders target Babu saying that if the alliance loses in the 2024 elections, it will be because of Babu. jagan announced new candidates a few months ago and allocated tickets for sittings in the majority of the seats and even if there are minor problems, he is moving forward. 
According to the plan, jagan is rushing into the campaign, thinking that it does not matter whether he wins or loses the 2024 elections. jagan says that women and poor people are completely satisfied with the five-year rule. jagan, who is going ahead stubbornly, is expected to win ycp in 120 seats. Babu, on the other hand, does not understand how to defeat the ycp, and frequently criticizes Jagan's regime and announces new promises at will. As the time for the elections is approaching, it remains to be seen which party will gain power in the state.

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