Lokesh is away from campaigning..!? Is he afraid of YCP?

•Lokesh staying away from the election campaign.

•The general elections are approaching and there is an out-of-the-ordinary trend.

•Is lokesh afraid of ycp criticism?

Nara lokesh is nowhere to be seen as the general election time approaches. There is a debate as to why he is away from the election campaign. A year and a half before the election, Nara lokesh, who took up the padayatra in the name of Yuvagalam, then gave a gap and held Shankharavam Sabhas. They went well in some districts. At a time when it was thought that lokesh would campaign all over the state, lokesh was like a carafe Mangalagiri. At least he is not participating in tdp alliance meetings. Still nowhere to be seen. Only chandrababu naidu and Pawan are present in these meetings. There is a debate as to why lokesh is staying away from the state-wide campaign. Comments are being heard that he is afraid of YCP. However, it is also said that he is staying and campaigning in mangalagiri because this time is very prestigious for Lokesh. ycp leaders say otherwise.
They complain that lokesh is not able to cross that threshold because he has a tight position in Mangalagiri. They ask how can lokesh become the leader of the state, who is looking after his one seat. However, they also say that as per TDP's strategy, lokesh has been restricted to Mangalagiri. They say that if lokesh comes, the ycp leaders will criticize him and that lokesh will become the chief minister and not Chandrababu, and it will also open the door to a new campaign. Chandrababu, who has served three times as the chief minister, also says that this election is for Lokesh's future. If tdp comes to power, there are also doubts that chandrababu naidu will rule for five years. Some are passing rumors that lokesh will be crowned in the middle. It is said that they are doing this as part of an effort to show lokesh as an mla candidate. Anyway, lokesh staying away from publicity like this will be a hot topic.

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