CM's bus trip today took a break...!? Is this the reason?

We know that the present chief minister of andhra pradesh "YCP" party leader YS Jaganmohan reddy is conducting a bus yatra named "Memantha Sarayah" as part of his campaign for the assembly and parliament elections to be held in a few days. Otherwise, it will be many days since this bus journey started. As part of that, jagan has already visited many parts of andhra pradesh state. While traveling, some unknown assailants attacked jagan with stones. He got injured in it. With that, jagan was rushed to the hospital immediately. After examining the injuries, the doctors advised jagan to rest for some time. But jagan, instead of resting as advised by the doctors, took only one day's rest and started the bus journey again. As part of that, jagan visited some areas yesterday after rest.
Currently, jagan is doing a bus trip in the west godavari district. This bus trip, which is progressing successfully, broke today. Today being Sri ram Navami, jagan broke the bus trip today. With that, jagan, who completed the bus trip yesterday, stayed the night in tanuku Thetali. On wednesday night too, jagan will stay in tanuku Thetali. On thursday morning, jagan will go to east godavari district from where he stayed. Jagan's bus yatra will start from Ravulapalem tomorrow. As part of that, Jagan's roadshow will be held on Ravulapalem National Highway. jagan is going to organize a road show from Pottilanka to Vemagiri via Burrilanka. This roadshow will come from Vemagiri to rajahmundry City via Gorampudi. jagan will take a rest today and return tomorrow with renewed enthusiasm and go to the masses on a bus trip.

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