• What happened to 40 years experience before 12 years experience..?

•Is Jagan's strategic thinking scaring Babu?

• Is she the only one who is afraid of Babu?

And the elections to be held in andhra pradesh in a few days have become very crucial for both the ruling party and the opposition party. Especially for the ruling party, it has become very important for the opposition party to win this time. Especially chandrababu naidu, who has 40 years of experience has never been so nervous..

Why chandrababu naidu is not writing his political strategies? He who put the state under his control is now looing nervous. Now what has happened to that power and intelligence? What is Chandrababu really afraid of? A young leader putting his experience in the ashes?Various doubts are going on the minds of voters as well.

If we go to the actual matter... At present ycp leader Jaganmohan reddy is the only one who is taking a step forward in andhra pradesh state. Chandrababu is trying to bring his party to power this time as part of the alliance. As a part of that, in the 2019 elections, the votes were split due to the janasena party, now they are moving forward with an alliance including that party and the bjp party. Moreover, as chandrababu naidu is getting older.. it is becoming difficult for him to continue in the election again. Even though lokesh is trying his best, he's not upto CBN's stature.

On the other hand, jagan is fighting alone. Chandrababu is expressing concern about whether his party will come to power this time as a part of the alliance. jagan is fighting alone and is confident that he will definitely bring his party back to power. He is going forward boldly that the schemes introduced by him will win him again. Especially jagan is moving ahead by writing ideas strategically keeping in mind the people of andhra pradesh and their thoughts. Chandrababu, who has 40 years of political experience, is afraid of young leader Jagan's strategic ideas. Even commoners are thinking that CBN is afraid of Jagan's strategy! 

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