AP cm YS Jaganmohan reddy is taking advantage of every opportunity for YCP's victory in 2024 elections. But it seems that jagan wants to change nellore ycp candidate Khalil Ahmed. It seems that cm jagan is taking steps in this direction in view of the results coming against Khalil in the surveys. As Narayana is contesting as a tdp candidate from nellore, the comments are showing that it will not be easy to face him.
Bhogatta said that jagan was determined to give a chance to a famous contractor who is a close relative of Adala reddy -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>prabhakar reddy in place of Khalil. There are chances of getting positive results only if ycp candidate is changed in the background of Narayana's good reputation among the local people. Bhogatta said that jagan is determined to take steps towards changing the candidate by promising to give the post to Khalil if ycp comes to power.
In a few days, the mla candidates will file their nominations, and in the next two days, a key decision will be taken from the ycp regarding the nellore candidate. The leaders of that party feel that YCP's chances of victory will increase only if Narayana gets a brave candidate. It is reported that jagan has given special attention to the positions where there is opposition to YCP.
It seems that jagan will take steps towards announcing new schemes in the coming days for the victory of ycp, those schemes are going to reduce the opposition to the government and also benefit the people of the middle class. It remains to be seen what kind of promises will be emphasized in the manifesto of the alliance. It seems that jagan will take steps towards checking the alliance with more strategies in the coming days.

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