Sharmila's sensational comments on Chandrababu..!

The election campaign in ap is continuing day by day. But unexpectedly, sharmila is making many efforts to raise the congress party again in Andhra. sharmila has been very active since taking charge of PCC chief. It can be said that her role is going to become a bit more important in this election as well. So far, sharmila has mostly focused on Jagan. Now it seems that Chandrababu is the latest target. Like ET, sharmila participated in the election campaign in the Madakashira Constituency of Anantapur district in rayalaseema where she united Chandrababu and Jagan. Sharmila's words seem to give some impetus to the people there. While mentioning the murder case of sharmila Viveka, who is contesting as kadapa MP, various allegations are being made against ycp MP candidate Avinash. Especially after ycp leader jagan came to power, she criticized that no projects came. sharmila revealed that tdp ycp has been cheating these constituencies for the past ten years.
Sharmila criticized that the bjp party had cheated on the status of andhra pradesh if it had been given a special status like a sanjeevani. Also, she made sensational comments saying that both of them are in league with the BJP. sharmila came under fire saying that Chandrababu jagan and both have become slaves of BJP. sharmila revealed that the bjp is ruling in ap even though it does not have a single seat in Andhra. Both jagan and Chandrababu are destroying the state by compromising the interests of the state.
But if the congress party comes to power this time, sharmila said that the first signature would be to fill up 2.25 lakh jobs and provide financial assistance of one lakh rupees to women. Currently, Sharmila's comments on Babu and jagan are going viral.

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