Actor ajith kumar was surrounded by his supporters on friday after casting his ballot in a chennai voting place. tamil Nadu is holding elections for 39 lok sabha seats. ajith arrived early at Thiruvanmiyur's polling place. The images demonstrate that he sat in the polling booth, waited for his turn, and then cast his ballot. 

His supporters had gathered in force and could be heard singing his name as he attempted to exit the booth. Strict security accompanied him to his car. ajith remained silent in the face of journalists' demands for a response from him while the fans went bonkers. According to survey polls, the bjp is expected to grow its vote share and maybe gain a few seats, although the DMK and the congress are expected to win the rest of the seats.

The bjp has stepped up its campaign after establishing a coalition, hoping to make major gains, while the DMK-led alliance is hopeful about repeating its 2019 victory in the state in the lok sabha elections. The AIADMK is also very important to these elections, having left the BJP-led nda in september of last year. There are interesting races in the state for a number of seats, where a number of well-known leaders are running for office.

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