The tdp and Jana Sena candidates vying for the Anakapalli parliament seat are engaged in a fierce fight. However, tdp has given the bjp the Anakapalli parliament seat as part of the coalition deal. Many were taken aback by this choice, given the BJP's lack of historical ties to Anakapalli. Even less than the 2.81% that NOTA obtained in this category, the bjp only managed to secure 1.07% of the votes in the 2019 elections. Reportedly, the bjp is expected to win the Anakapalli parliament segment despite this.
Considering that the party lost the previous general election in Anakapalli to NOTA, this development is unexpected. The presence of the tdp and Jana Sena in the uttarandhra area is the main reason for the probable win of the BJP. The bjp insisted on running since the Jana Sena had not been able to secure the Visakhapatnam mp seat as part of the coalition, even though the party had originally intended to run from Anakapalli. Chidavaram, Madugula, Anakapalli, Pendurthi, Elamanchili, Payakaraopet, and Narsipatnam are the seven assembly segments that form Anakapalli.

Jana Sena is running in three of them, while tdp is contesting in four. It's interesting to note that the bjp is running for the Anakapalli parliament seat rather than any of these assembly seats. cm Ramesh is the BJP's nominee for the Anakapalli parliament constituency. But the YSRCP is taking its time in revealing who would run for Anakapalli. In the end, they declared Muthyala Naidu, the current Madugula assembly sector MLA, as their nominee. In its campaign against cm Ramesh, YSRCP has used both local and non-local tactics.

CM Ramesh has been running a strong campaign since his nomination, winning over tdp and Jana Sena members. According to reports, YSRCP is predicted to garner 44% of the vote, while the bjp is predicted to receive 49%. With the possible exception of Madugula, tdp and Jana Sena might win each of the six assembly seats under Anakapalli, guaranteeing the BJP's victory in the Anakapalli parliament seat.


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