Vandalism against expensive residences and structures in Hyderabad's jubilee hills and banjara hills neighbourhoods has increased recently. It is believed that a group of people are purposefully committing harm to these structures. It has been stated that this tendency has persisted for the last month. Reports state that at around 7:00 p.m. on march 20, the Brook Brothers shop on Road No. 2, banjara hills, had its glass abruptly broken.
Similar damage happened at the Godfrey Phillips, Van Heusen, White Crow, and 24-Seven stores within a few hours, frightening patrons and injuring one person just slightly. The very following day, glass pillars on the bottom level of the rk Cineplex on the same route were damaged by unknown people' vandalism. In the same mall, this pattern was repeated twice more.
The Suryansh Fab shop on the same road had its glass broken on april 4. Stones were thrown at the Under Armour store, which is situated on Road No. 2, the next day. Over ten of these events have been recorded in the neighbourhood in the last month as of right now. Ultimately, on april 16, a group of these retailers' proprietors filed complaints. The police are looking into the eight cases that they have recorded. Two taxi drivers are said to have been detained in relation to the instances.


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