Tamilnadu Total vote turnout percentage..!!

Here you can find the complete information about the total percentage of votes cast in the 39 lok sabha constituencies of tamil Nadu in a single phase yesterday. The first phase of voting for the 18th lok sabha elections was completed yesterday. Polling started at 7 am and continued till 6 pm. That means even though the deadline was only till 6 pm, till then the last voters were allowed to vote based on the token issued. As a result of this, more than 10 percent of votes are said to have been recorded in tamil Nadu in the last time alone.

Voting was held in 102 constituencies in the first phase yesterday. The polling was conducted in 21 states and union territories including Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Voting was held yesterday in 39 constituencies in tamil Nadu alone. Especially in tamil Nadu, the by-election of the Vilavankode assembly constituency in Kanyakumari district was also held yesterday. While violent incidents took place in West bengal and Manipur yesterday, there was no major law and order problem in tamil Nadu. In some places only, there were arguments and scuffles between the party members. Yesterday, various villages across tamil Nadu boycotted the elections. Voting has also been suspended since yesterday morning due to the malfunctioning of electronic voting machines at various places. Even in major parts of chennai, electronic voting machines were seen to be broken yesterday. However, they were promptly checked and alternative arrangements were madeIt seems that because of the hot weather yesterday, people were reluctant to vote. Also, the incident of 2 senior citizens from salem and one from Arakkonam, who had come to vote in the scorching heat, fainted and died at the polling station yesterday, also worried many people.

Despite all these challenges, the election commission has provided various facilities for the voters to fulfill their democratic duty. As a result, many people simply cast their votes and returned home. According to reports, the election commission has spent approximately 80 rupees per voter this time. In that sense, it can be said that yesterday's lok sabha election polling in tamil Nadu was successful. However, the votes recorded this time are less than in the last 2019 lok sabha polls.

In the 2019 lok sabha elections, the voter turnout was 72.4 percent, while this time, only 69.46 percent of votes were cast. This is confirmed by the figures released by the election commission at midnight today.  In tamil Nadu, 12.55% of votes were cast as of 9 am, 24.37% as of 11 am, 40.05% as of 1 pm, 51.41% as of 3 pm, and 62.02% as of 5 pm. A total of 69.46% of the votes were registered in Tamil Nadu, the highest was 81.48% in Dharmapuri constituency and the lowest was 54.27% in South Chennai. 64.54% voter turnout has been recorded in the by-election in Valavankot. Generally, polling in all three constituencies of chennai is low. Although the votes in chennai are low compared to other constituencies, political observers have opined that this election has recorded the highest number of votes in all three constituencies since 1980. Although this cannot be said to be the best vote percentage, it is definitely a victory worth celebrating. However, this has been reported on social media but no one has confirmed it.

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