Kunwar Sarvesh Singh, the bjp candidate passes away...

Kunwar Sarvesh Kumar, the bjp contender for the Moradabad lok sabha seat, passed away on saturday at the AIIMS hospital in delhi after a prolonged illness, according to a senior party official. He was seventy-two. According to UP bjp chairman Bhupendra Chaudhary, "Kunwar Sarvesh Kumar has passed away," PTI was informed. "He got surgery because he was having throat issues. He had visited AIIMS yesterday for a check-up," Chaudhary said. The first round of voting in the Uttar Pradesh constituency of Moradabad took place on Friday. Kunwar Sarvesh Singh, a prominent leader of the bjp in Uttar Pradesh, was also a businessman. After a protracted illness, he passed away at delhi AIIMS at the age of 71.

In Uttar Pradesh, Kunwar Sarvesh Singh was a prominent businessman and party leader. Sarvesh Kumar was a member of the caste Thakur. He was elected as an mla four times from the Thakurdwara assembly seat before to becoming an MP. Kunwar Sushant Singh, the son of Sarvesh Kumar, is an mla representing the Badhapur assembly seat in the lok sabha representing Moradabad.

During the 2014 Kanth assembly constituency loudspeaker dispute, Sarvesh Kumar was again in the news. In the first phase of the lok sabha elections, eight seats in western Uttar Pradesh saw voter turnout slightly above sixty percent of the total. In Moradabad, voter participation was 60.60 percent.

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