Children's lives are in danger... Please ban this immediately..!?

Director Mohan G, who became famous for directing the movie Draupathi, has released a video about the snack that should be banned. Mohan G made his directorial debut with the film Pazhaya Vannarappet. After that, the movie Draupathi directed by him made him famous everywhere. His film Draupathi, which centered on love drama, was a huge hit and became the talk of social media. Mohan G, who is active on social media, regularly shares various posts on his X site page. In that way, he has posted a shocking video to show the dangers of smoke biscuits to children.

In the video, a boy eagerly buys and consumes a smoke biscuit, only to wince in pain within minutes. Along with the disturbing video, the director Mohan G has made an important request to the chief minister in the post that the snack called Smoke biscuit should be banned immediately. Children will be tempted to eat the smoke by looking at it. What is poured into it is liquid nitrogen, even a spoonful of which is life-threatening. He has requested that the tamil Nadu government should ban this.
While some people commented that the video was not taken in tamil Nadu, in the post posted by Mohan G explaining it, two shops were allocated for this purpose in the government fair held this year in chennai Theevu Thidal. They sell it on many beaches. It is given at wedding ceremonies. He mentioned that it is true. This video posted by director Mohan G is going viral.

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