A jab at sonia gandhi from PM Modi: "Those Who Can't Win Polls"...

In a subtle jab at Congresswoman sonia gandhi, prime minister Narendra Modi stated on sunday that those unable to win elections have deserted the field and have taken the rajya sabha route to Parliament. Speaking at a public gathering in Jalore, rajasthan, prime minister Modi claimed that the congress, which had previously won 400 seats, is being punished by the nation for its “sins” and that it will not be allowed to run for 300 seats in the 2024 lok sabha election. 

The prime minister mentioned several prominent Congressmen who traveled from rajasthan to the rajya sabha and asserted that they did not actively serve the people of the state, without mentioning sonia Gandhi.

"First, congress sent KC Venugopal, a South indian leader, to the rajya sabha from Rajasthan. You sent Rajasthani former prime minister Manmohan Singh to the Rajya Sabha. However, have you seen him back in the state? A second party leader has now left the state to join the Rajya Sabha. This time, those incapable of fighting and winning elections have come to Rajasthan. According to PM Modi, the congress "hollowed out the country by spreading the termite of "parivaarwad" and corruption."

Sonia gandhi has been nominated to the rajya sabha from the jaipur seat that became empty after former prime minister Manmohan Singh finished his term. gandhi declared her resignation from electoral politics, citing illness.

PM Modi further emphasized how the nation's youth no longer want to see the congress visage because they are so furious with them. "The congress party has been chastised by half of rajasthan in the first round of voting. The deeply patriotic state of rajasthan is aware that the congress will never be able to unite India," Modi stated. According to him, the nation does not want the circumstances that prevailed prior to 2014 to resurface. "The congress has allowed nepotism and corruption to spread like termites, hollowing out the nation." And now that congress has been punished for these transgressions, the nation is furious with it. The congress party bears responsibility for the current state of affairs. It is not possible for the party that had previously won 400 seats to run for 300 seats by itself. congress is currently in a position where it is unable to identify candidates, he said.

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