Today, B-forms will be distributed to all mp and mla candidates by tdp chairman Nara Chandrababu Naidu. We now learn that candidates may be switched in four or five constituencies in the interim. The reports claim that the party's top command intends to replace the candidates in the seats of venkatagiri, Madugula, Paderu, Undi, and Madakashira. Chandrababu reportedly addressed the issue with former minister Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy, mp raghu Rama krishna Raju, former mla Giddi Eeshwari, and SC-cell leader ms raju earlier today at his home.

Rumour has it that raghu Rama krishna Raju would receive the Undi ticket. The Madugula ticket could go to Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy. Normally, he runs from the pendurthi seat; but, this time, Satyanarayana Murthy had to move to Madugula since the Jana Sena was awarded that ticket. ms raju may obtain the Madakashira ticket and Giddi Eshwari will get the paderu ticket. lakshmi Priya, the daughter of former mla Kurugondla Ramakrishna, was previously awarded a venkatagiri ticket. We now learn, nevertheless, that ramakrishna will run for that position himself.

The reports claim that tdp could postpone the B-forms for Dendaluru and Thamballapalle. These forms are anticipated to be sent as soon as the Anaparthy seat is confirmed. Anaparthy is now provided to the bjp as a component of the coalition. Nallimilli Rama krishna Reddy, a former mla who anticipated receiving a tdp ticket for that seat, is rumored to be considering joining the BJP.

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