While campaigning in Vijayawada, andhra pradesh Chief minister jagan mohan reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ys jagan mohan reddy was recently struck by an unidentified person's stone. The police have been aggressively investigating the incident ever since the day of the attack. A few people were recently taken into custody for their suspected involvement with pornography. 

Satish, a member of the vaddera community, has been designated as the case's A1. The second accused, Durga Rao, has been identified (A2). Satish was sent to the district prison in nellore per the court's direction. Conversely, Durga Rao was arrested and questioned by the police.

The ycp leaders claimed that the tdp was involved in the issue simply because Durga Rao works in the tdp headquarters. tdp officials, however, vehemently refuted the accusations. Amid the verbal spat between the leaders of the two parties, the police now added a twist by releasing Durga Rao after claiming his innocence.

Last night, he was returned to his residence. According to the police, Durga Rao is being freed since he is unrelated to the crime. Nonetheless, they served notice following CrPC 160 and said they would bring Durga Rao in for further examination if necessary.

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