Delhi court dismisses Arvind Kejriwal's plea...

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's request to be granted a daily 15-minute medical consultation with his doctor in front of his wife Sunita Kejriwal was denied by Delhi Rouse Avenue Court on Monday.Kaveri Baweja, the court's special judge for cbi and ED cases, further ordered that the necessary medical care be given and that, in the event that further consultation is needed, jail officials should contact a medical board made up of an endocrinologist and a diabetologist, which was established by the director of AIIMS.

What was said in the plea?In his application, kejriwal, who is being held in judicial custody in connection with the money laundering case involving the delhi liquor excise policy, requested that he be granted a 15-minute video conference for medical consultation with Dr. Ravichandra Rao. It also said Sunita, his wife, ought to be permitted to participate in the call. It further said that kejriwal stopped giving insulin and started the "Insulin Reversal Programme" on february 1 under medical supervision. Along with regular exercises and dietary and medical measures, kejriwal was able to maintain appropriate glucose levels throughout the program and eventually switch to oral medicine, according to the plea.

Nevertheless, the cm had to be put back on insulin administration in order to control his blood sugar levels because, following his arrest on march 21, he became debilitated and was unable to adhere to the aforementioned "Insulin Reversal Programme."Argument in tihar jail over Kejriwal's insulinA significant controversy surfaced regarding Kejriwal's diabetes medication and food when he was being held in Tihar jail. According to the tihar jail authorities' report to delhi LG VK Saxena, Kejriwal's doctors at RML hospital did not recommend that he take insulin. kejriwal was recommended to take oral anti-diabetic medications because the jail administration stated that his blood sugar levels were not concerning. But AAP ministers are saying that the delhi chief minister isn't getting insulin because there's a "plot to kill him."

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