Mass Leaders of AP..!! Politicians reciting mass Mantras..!?

-Leaders with class and impressive speech.
-Mass craze that does not decrease whether you win or lose.
-Mass philosophy that is always in the news.

Politics is changing with time. Political leaders are also changing. Now all the politicians are reciting mass mantras. A mass leader should always be immersed in the people. Whether it is good or bad. We should always be among the people. people should talk about us. Those who are successful in this are becoming successful leaders. Among the telugu leaders who have gained recognition as a mass leader, ntr is well recognized as a mass leader if we leave the older generation leaders. Not only in movies but also in real life, he seemed to be a mass leader. Whatever he did during NTR's time was a sensation. Even being the CM, it is valid for him to sit on the road and do dharna. And during the election, people used to go to his campaign. If he took the ink and started his speech saying to my six crore Andhras, the crowd would have been swayed.
And after ntr, YS Rajasekhar reddy can claim to be the mass leader at that level. Naturally, YSR, who is a mass leader, gained recognition as a leader of the people through the Padayatra. The way he greeted the people during the padayatra, and the way he inquired about their hardships, brought him closer to the people. He would take the mic and speak affectionately saying Amma.. Chellemma.. Babai.. When it comes to Chandrababu. He is a type of mass. Even if he can't deliver impressive speeches. There are lakhs of mad fans of him. If he greets them saying "What brothers?", they will be shocked. That is why thousands of people attend his tours. If Chandrababu goes to the public, even if there is no drama, the fans will pour in.

Jagan also gained recognition as a mass leader on the path of YSR. It was the Padayatra that made jagan a mass leader. During the padayatra, he used to mingle with the people completely. Jagan's behavior is such that people feel that he is the man of their own house. people used to think that jagan was our man because of his actions like holding hands in people's hands and kissing his head affectionately. When it comes to telangana, there is no mass leader better than KCR. He grew up as a mass leader with impressive speeches even though he was thin in appearance. His speeches with a perfect telangana accent and local proverbs used to drive people crazy. He has the eloquence to write fire with words. After him, harish rao became a mass leader at that level. harish rao proved that a leader is always among the people. That is why he always wins in siddipet with a huge majority. Harish Rao's specialty is that he can remember and speak even to village-level leaders. This kind of recognition is what the local leaders want.

Revanth reddy is another mass leader who is following KCR's path in KCR's language. revanth Reddy's philosophy is that a public leader should move forward without any hesitation. That is why they rush into politics as if they are ready to collide with the hills. That's why revanth reddy is recognized as the darling of kodangal whether he wins or loses.

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